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AAA Moving Specializes in Eviction Moving. Our company also knows and understands the complexities involved in successfully moving property from years of experience.

Our eviction team is carefully selected and properly trained in all aspects of eviction moves.  They are equipped with the ability to respond to any eviction situation anywhere.  A record of successfully delivered evictions makes us the most qualified.

Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and Insured.  We are fully aware of the law requirements and sheriff’s policies needed for Moving Evictions.  We will send our professionally trained staff who are not only experienced in all aspects of moving but also knows  what to do in the situations that may incur with evictions.

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Removal of Property

The landlord may choose between having the marshal perform an eviction or having the marshal obtain legal possession. In both, the marshal returns control of the premises to the landlord. For an eviction, the marshal must hire a bonded moving company licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation, and must direct the moving company to deliver the items removed from the premises to a warehouse licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs. In a legal possession, the tenant’s personal property remains under the care and control of the landlord until the tenant can arrange to transport the property to another location.

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